- Red Daggers // Early Grave Cassette Album 2017
SpiderChild Records
Red Daggers // Early Grave Cassette Album 2017

Red Daggers // Early Grave Cassette Album 2017

Red Daggers - TEX/OTTOWA
2 years since their sold out first release on SpiderChild and they are back in 2017 with a gothic post-punk album.
Drenched in delay and uneasy guitar tones, they touch the spot nobody else can. They display a more focused meaning behind the music than before. 
Organs rip through the sounds like sharp talons, think Asylum Party or Sisters Of Mercy. Limited edition cassette coming Fall 2017.
Listen Here - Digital Download

"Steeled in an austere chill and ghosted in a darkly grooved post punk edginess that sounds as though its fallen from a Peel radio transmission c. 1980, the hollowing ‘early grave’ is icily petrified in a doomy toning the kind of which imagines Joy Division refracted through the sinister eye of a ‘mask’ era Bauhaus. All said we suggest you fast track to the end grooving ‘the corridor’, with its hints of a youthful Sisters of Mercy and the March Violets playing trick or treat amid its sparsely fragile framing, there’s a paranoiac disturbia unfolding within." - The Sunday Experience .