- BLACK LIZARD - S/T Cassette 2017
SpiderChild Records
BLACK LIZARD - S/T Cassette 2017

BLACK LIZARD - S/T Cassette 2017

BLACK LIZARD 2017 (Helsinki,FIN) s/t Hits Compilation SpiderChild Records Cassette OUT NOW! Available online at SpiderChildrecords.com or any Record Stores in Austin, TX!
We are so proud to put out this tape, over a year in the making but the dream finally came true and now we have a LOFI PSYCHEDELIC 60's GARAGE TAPE TO END ALL TAPES! This tape features the hits from their first album which was produced by Anton Newcombe(BJM) and Sonic Boom (Spacemen3) released on Soliti Records as well as songs from Solarize LP 2015 Soliti Records and a never before released heavy psych instrumental
"Suicide And Other Drugs" LISTEN HERE-https://soundcloud.com/spiderchild-records/suicide-and-other-drugs-black-lizard
BRAND NEW SPIDERCHILD SINGLE "Suicide And Other Drugs" 2017 https://soundcloud.com/spiderchild-records/suicide-and-other-drugs-black-lizard

Listen to their bandcamp https://blacklizardmusic.bandcamp.com/
Purchase their vinyl here ----> http://solitimusic.com/artists/black-lizard/